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I'm Back For A minute ♡
♡ 22.10.14 | 7:38 pm | 0 comments

Assalammualaikum and anyeong everybody,

    It have been a long time I don't update anything here. so lets make it clear //cough// starts from now I'll maybe not be able to update or publish anything bacause of my daily schedule which makes me too busy to online, playing games and so on. yeah, It was so sad and I think it is annoying bcs I can't even focus when did some revision lmao. maybe I kinda stress about homeworks. tsk. but its okay since I already accept it as a way for me to succeed. okay, since I only have maybe thirty minutes to do anything I want so I'll write some story or maybe memories during my school holiday or anything else I want to write //flips hair

During last school holiday my school or maybe the members of school prefect had organised a trip at Cameron Highlands (lol it looks like I'm writting a school report) the trip was so fun and amazing as we the form4 prefects always stay together and did anything together. It was so unbelievable bcs actually all of us were not close to each other since we're not in the same class (except the only 4 of them) and then, we stayed at the chalet which looks more like a house. I was shock at first bcs all of us I mean include the seniors and juniors stayed together and It felt like we're really like a family haha. well, it's fun at night as we had a barbeque party and played some games (really not my fav) then I also had fun with the seniors playing guitar and sang a song together. like wth is going on here haha. btw, it was fun la! //giggling

now lets stop about holiday haha. okay after holiday my friend and I had a battle among groups in our class. lol it is so interesting and crazy battle I ever had. at first we had to present some story about komsas and karangan umum about kejadian alam tak silap lol. and then we're suprised that our class teacher (and our bahasa malaysia teacher) bought some hampers for us and some other prize. my team got third place and I got a prize for being a good presenter lols so funny okay. haha, I think that's all from me and maybe if I had free time I'll post some tuto(s) or skin(s) for you guys. tata~

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