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After a long time~ ♡
♡ 31.3.14 | 9:00 pm | 1 comments

Assalammualaikum. oh it has been a long time I did not publish any post and now since I was busy with my form 4 homeworks works. sigh. form 4 really make my head feel like wanna explode soon /bit my lips/ you know what this Exam, I mean this first year exam, I was so nervous and scared I think lol. Bahasa Malaysia paper, urh! I lose 12 marks just because I got wrong for 'peribahasa' and 'subject-predikat' /whatever/ and now I got A- for that subject /cries a han river/ but I am very grateful that I did not get any B or C /laugh/ but today /scream non-stop/ I feel so ashamed with my friends who got A+ for that subject! Oh how brainny they are TT TT but it's okay, I will try it again soon. I will prove to my mom and dad also my teachers and friends that I could get A+ for any subject. Insyaallah.

Okay, I really-really-really want to watch the 'CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER' ;_; I love marvel so much! especially IRON-MAN lol. but captain america, I love him /hugs teddy bear/ he was so tough and handsome. kahkahkah. no, I mean I love his style but still could not fight with my iron-man heh. btw, I will ask my father to buy the DVD bcs my parents did't alow me to go to the cinema ._. heh, look like I care ha? I hate cinema actually -_- That place really make me feel uneasy as that place has a lot of 'maksiat' . sigh. ok then, I have to do my Homework and do a little bit of revision so see you soon then my little cutie pie blogger ><

EXO!! oh, Kai blonde his hair. AGAIN! ommo, cool!! btw, I still can't wait for exo comeback lol

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