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♡ 14.1.14 | 6:51 pm | 0 comments

Assalammualaikum and Salam Maulidur Rasul to all muslim and muslimat :) I just want to say that I'm so proud to become a muslim girl. Okay for today I just want to share with you guys something u-u actually today I feel so bad and stress always haunted me. I just like pffffttttt~ I hate it so much!! I have to do lots of homework today. It's hard to become a form 4 student actually TAT I always got sick and my body can't move that day. /sobs/ just you know what? My class was at The highest level this year -.- /flips school/ It was so tired you know!! when there's a class that we should go to the lab, everyone in my class will knit one's brows >< I really-really-really HATE IT!! and then I do hate my PJ teacher -_- she was like an evil witch /tsk/ what a sad life T_T but this year I got the same class with JESS u-u she always scold me because I stole her SEHUN lol. btw, when she did not come to school I feel so lifeless /cries/~

I've change my skin AGAIN and AGAIN lol btw, I love photography so much >< and now I'm in love with #VSCOCAM lol and the worst things is I can't open my photoshop anymore the end~ /cries a river/
Today pics-


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