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Farewell Teacher ♡
♡ 27.6.13 | 9:53 pm | 0 comments
This is not a real Purdah, But one day...insyaallah :)

Assalammualaikum and nihao,
   Today was Thursday and Thursday was English Day. Yeah, I'm gonna miss my Favorite teacher from now on T^T She gonna retired this Sunday..damn I'm truthly sad with it. Teacher was the best teacher, without her..I will never get B for English lol. Today, we had a party in class hahaha,without PK HEM permission at all >.< but it was the best party ever you know -,- Indian members was the craziest, they always laughing and laughing..i'm sick of it lol. But, Hemesh, Darshean, Jayhan and Keeshen bought a handbag for teacher .__. and I was jelly with them lol. Arhhh, I just want to improve my English grammar with blogging hahaha, lots of error right? /face palm/

Not in mood /face palm/

Again and again, this is my pose actually lol

Fikrah team for 2013 lol, we're crazy right /flips everything/

Me and Jececlyn...she's pretty right and my face was like a..../pound table/

Aimuni and Darshean, Anis gonna be crazy with this photo -,-

Botak, Anis, Balqis and Aimuni >.<

Hahahaha, That's all from now..lol today i got many info of Exo *o* Kai, Luhan and all of them was....oh i'm dying~ My friends tolf me that all of them now are Exotics lol, my Exo virus was totally spread hahahaha XD i'm gonna laugh at this...ok then, Bye~

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