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♡ 21.7.12 | 12:07 pm | 0 comments
Luhan and D.O # Dear My Family [I AM Movie OST] Daebak!!!

Assalamualaikum, seems like Luhan and D.O are busy singing their  song. I hope you success Luhan, daebak!!! Luna (fx), Taeyeon (snsd), Junghyun (shinee) , Changmin (TVXQ), Yesung (suju), nad Boa also sing this song. Look Like they're happy together.
Back to our topic tittle, Fanfiction. Okey, i had nothing to do last month and my internet connection broken!!! Urh!! that's pity. But that don't make me sad and crying along. My fanfic, yes FANFICTION!! are on its way. But i hope this http://easyfanfictionblogie.blogspot.com/ fanfic blog will be success and more fanfic addicts will read it. HOPE so....
However, my both hand was already bellow along...so Bye-Bye `さようなら'

De Le Justice
Aina Najihah

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