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introduction {biography} ♡
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Name was given as NUR AINA NAJIHAH but well-known as kaiirex. People do called me Aina but some of them called me Nana. already 18 years old and currently unemployed. I'm Muslim who in love with arts and graphics. Truly an OTAKU since I was kid. My friends always call me NERD. An introvert homosapien but absolutely crazy when dealing with friends /flips anything/ do say hye to me as I will be honours to become your friend lol. now, I'm totally crazy with my precious ot12 (yep forever 12) especially kim jong in (KAI) & oh se hun (SEHUN).

#Facts about meh~
  • I always 'ship' people
  • I'm totally archadians (kaistal shipper) & sesul shipper
  • in love with krystal aesthetic skill
  • I was born on 3 MAY 1998
  • I can draw things but I hates drawing
  • did not have any social life and just staying at home all the time.
  • I can easily get stress & pissed off when dealing with some bithches
  • I do love my H2N3A groups
  • fan of exo, svt, f(x), got7, rv, bts
Please leave your footprint on CBOX lol and ask me on tumblr if you want~

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