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Part 1: Taeyeon Short Story: My Date Hair Style

Author: L.B.G. Love SNSD
Genre: PG13, Friendship, Comedy (??)
Main Cast: Kim Taeyeon
Cast: SNSD’s Other Members
Type: Sekuel (maybe)


“Tae! You really long time inside! Your Dating at 14.00, right? It was now one o’clock precisely, you know! If late, do not blame me, okay?! My job just take you!” Hyoyeon reminded me that has not come out of the dressing room from 11 hours earlier!
“Hyo, wait! This is MY FIRST DATE! So, naturally if I’m old. I’m nervous! just because, you all already have boyfriends and often a date! but, do not insult me!” I was “busy” angry.
“Oh, not so, Honey! But … you have 2 hours in, the room?! One more thing! I have not had a boyfriend, you know! “Jessi a.k.a. Jessica bandwagon advised.
“Yeah! My Taeng, hmm … are you doing it again, anyway? Oh yes,I also do not have a boyfriend!” Tiffa aka Tiffany suddenlyappeared. Jessi and Tiffa did not have a boyfriend.
“The dress were ugly? Not suitable for you? If so, just borrow my dress! I have a myriad of beautiful dating dress, you know! Want or not?” Yuri who is busy with her spaghetti promotion. Huh! Basic Playgirl!
“It’s not. the dress is beautiful and I quite like it, but, the problem…” I dare myself to get out. I went out with violet purple dress at half mast really beautiful! But …
Yuri gaping, Hyoyeon shock, Tiffa and Jessi fainted, while Seohyun, Sunny, Yoona, and Sooyoung who had just returned from the supermarket to buy fruit, directly in front of screaming as if they were ghosts.
“My goodness, Taeyeon! What’s up for your hair? Why so untidy? Here,here, here!” Yuri who really care about fashion immediately with drawmy hand, facing the mirror, while Tiffa and Jessi brought to their room to the intensive care given by others (who brought Tiffa,Seohyun and Yoona, who brought Jessi , Sooyoung and Sunny,while Hyoyeon helped make up my hair with Yuri).
“Wow! Very wrinkled, Tae! What you do with your hair to be this? “Yuri trying to free her hands are stuck in my hair which is super duper mega tangled!
“I Do not know!” I said irritably as pursed my lips.
“Golly, Taeyeon cranky! Don’t so! Joking!” said Yuri, but, I’m still annoyed. “Hyo, this long hair, good do with?” Yuri thought for a moment.
“Hmm … if you ask me? There are some hair styles that I liked.Such as: 1. parsed, 2. curly, 3. ponytail horses, 4. straight, 5.ponytail 1, 6. plain, 7. a bun like a princess. Well, which one you choose?” Hyoyeon give her opinion.
“Ehh … maybe the number 7. You see, this is a date, so, so good bun, hold plus a small tiara for beautifying. How?” Ask Yuri.
“Yeah, I think so too,” Hyoyeon agreed.
“Well, how Tae? Do you agree?”
“Eh? What? Agree what?” I’m confused, because, before I did not know what they’re talking about!
“That, your hair like that!” Yuri trying to be patient.
“Ah! Oh! Yes! Agree, agree! “I quickly nodded.
“Good! So it’s decided! Make Over … Start! “Hyoyeon give the cueand immediately began to bewitch me.
30 minutes later …
“Wooy! Tae already so, ya!” Yell Hyoyeon while covering their “work”.
Yoona, Sooyoung, Sunny, and Seohyun immediately went to the dressing room, eager to see me.
“Ta-da!” Hyoyeon and Yuri get out and show their “works”.
“Wooow!” another screamed when he saw what looked like a modern princess.
“Beautiful, right? We are, so you know!!” Hyoyeon and Yuri praiseyourself while doing the toss.
“Yes, very beautiful! I assure you, your lover will be disappointednot choose you as his girlfriend! Discharged, you are beautiful plus very sweet!” Praise Sunny.
“Yeah, Unnie! Unnie looks cool!” Sooyoung come praise.
“Unnie! Really sweet! I like! “Seohyun shout Animashaun.
“Well, what can make. Unnie not good at makeup!” You know who’s talking, right?
“Huh! Yoona, you don’t so! She’ll date with her boyfriend. You should give her the spirit!” Yuri reprimand YoonA.
“The spirit of hell? So can not encourage your self? “Yoona immediately fled before the capture Yuri and lectured all-out by theYuri.
“That girl!”
“Come on, Yuri! If not so, Yoona is not her name,” Sunny calm Yuri.
“Ok, ok. So, now still at 1.30 pm, from here to where you’re date place so far, right? If departing from now, maybe trigger. Ok? Already, the shoes have I prepared ahead, stay put! Well, get going! You’ll be late, you know! “Yuri encouraged.
“Yeah! Thanks!!” I said while wearing my high heels which color matching with the dress I was wearing.
“Ok! Good luck! Hyo, you take her, right? Come on!” Yuri helped push Hyo toward the car.
“Unnie! Be careful, huh? By!” Said others. And the car I was wearing was soon gone.

To Be Continued…

Wait goes on part 2!
in part 2, describes Hyoyeon!
Ok, happy reading!

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