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i'm happy now ♡
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THE ASDFGHJKL GIRL { بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ }
Name was given as NUR AINA NAJIHAH. People called me Aina but some of them called me Nana. Sweet-Sixteen girl. I'm still a high school girl and hates annoying things. I'm Muslim. I love arts and graphics ♡. I'm SPM candidate for 2015. I'm a hardcore of kpopers and jpopers. Truly an OTAKU since 8 years old. My friends always call me NERD or LB which means "Lurus Bendul" I'm introvert girl who always afraid to greet people. I do afraid by the popular people /flips anything/ do say hye to me as I will be honours to become your friend lol. now, I'm in a relationship with 12 members Of EXO especially Kai (´∀`)♡

#Facts about meh~
  • I ship Kailu Sekai Sesoo and Kaisoo.
  • I was born on 3 MAY 1998
  • I can draw anime but I hates drawing
  • does not have any social life and just staying at home all the time.
  • I will get stress if my exam result become worst.
  • I'm the oldest in my group but I always act like a maknae
Please leave your footprint on CBOX lol and ask me on tumblr if you want~

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